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Imago Couples Workshop - Detailed Description


Our relationship is so painful.

It's his/her fault. I have done everything I can to make things work.

I have no idea how to repair the damage we've done to each other.

This hurts too much. I think I picked the wrong partner.


Frustration and conflict are normal even in great relationships.

There are things I do to contribute.

We now have a blueprint for creating a healthy relationship.

We are a perfect match: conflicts and all!


"The workshop gave me tools for my relationship. It gave me hope where I thought there might not be any." -Steve C.

A complete couples workshop is presented in a 20-hour format during which you will learn how to create a healing environment within your committed relationship. By becoming aware of the real reasons and needs that attracted you to each other, you will be able to join in a clearly defined process of resolution and growth. As a couple, you will learn and practice new communication skills which can transform your relationship into the safe and nurturing relationship of your dreams.

The workshop format includes dialogue processes in private with your partner, lectures, written exercises, and question and answer periods. A workbook designed by Harville Hendrix is provided to each of you to use during and after the workshop.

While the workshop is conducted in a group environment, you are not required to participate in group interaction. This is an educational workshop, not group therapy. The personal work you do will be shared with your partner in a safe and confidential manner.

"I don’t like therapy, but I really liked Bonnie’s workshop. It made sense to me. I loved getting concrete, actual tools I can wrap my hands around and use to make my marriage better." -Jim, married 31 years


• If you want to enrich a good relationship

• If you are beginning a relationship you want to keep

• If you are in a difficult relationship and want to resolve long-standing conflicts

• If you are near break-up or divorce and want to decide if the relationship can be saved


• Greater compassion and understanding of yourself and your partner

• Awareness of how to use the relationship for mutual healing and fulfillment

• Knowledge of the unconscious agenda and purpose of your relationship

• New communication skills which break destructive cycles of relating

• Tools for re-romanticizing your relationship

• Ways to resolve frustrations that are win-win

• Creation of a mutual vision for the present and future of your relationship

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