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Imago Couples Workshop

Based on the ground-breaking work of Harville Hendrix, PhD, and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD, the Workshop for Couples is presented in over 33 countries to couples who want to create extraordinary, life-long relationships. Workshop participants begin to see their relationship, their partner and themselves in a new light. This new perspective renews hope: a significant first step in getting the relationship back on track.


Bonnie and Darcy enjoy presenting the “Getting the Love You Want” workshop as a couple. Although they attended their own workshop many years ago, they continue to utilize Imago skills and concepts on a regular basis. Bonnie and Darcy are convinced that Imago has a lot to do with them celebrating their 32nd anniversary this year. Hearing some of their story as an Imago couple has proved to be a highlight for many of their workshop graduates.

Read more about the Getting the Love You Want workshop and see the Upcoming Schedule and Rates.

"The tools we learned through the Imago workshop will not only strengthen our relationship, but will also provide us with the building blocks for being great parents.”
-Rene, married 2 years, pregnant with 1st child

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