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Couples Coaching

"This experience has renewed my hope for a long term, committed relationship."
-Michelle K.

"The tools learned here can improve any relationship."
-Barb T.

Schedule Couples Coaching Session

Many couples attending the weekend workshop find it useful to work with Bonnie or Darcy in private sessions, before the workshop, after, or both. In sessions of 1 hour to 1 ˝ hours, they provide a safe, structured environment which allows the couple to really listen to each other. Couples grow more skillful as they use tools that create empathy and understanding, reduce reactivity and ultimately co-create a conscious, loving relationship. As they master these practical relationship skills, couples find they can continue to connect honestly and respectfully at home on their own.

Couples who meet with Bonnie or Darcy in private sessions initially often just want the pain in the relationship to stop. An early focus often includes reducing the negative interactions between the partners and increasing the positive. Couples learn productive ways of communicating about frustrations, concerns, anger and hurts in the relationship. The challenge in a couple’s relationship is to create an environment in which each partner is seen, heard and validated and which can provide the opportunity for personal growth and development.

Couples working with Bonnie or Darcy privately are strongly encouraged to attend a Getting the LOVE You Want Weekend Workshop in order to get acquainted with all the Imago tools available for moving their relationship to a more hopeful and joyful experience with each other.

Couples who are engaged, contemplating marriage, or who are considering a committed love relationship also benefit from understanding the stages of intimate relationships, learning communication and problem solving skills, and creating the conditions that can support their continued growth in the relationship.

In addition, the experience of listening to other couples with many similar challenges allows workshop participants to know that they are not alone: most couples in committed relationships face formidable challenges after the early romantic period fades away.

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