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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I hate the idea of talking about our problems in front of a bunch of strangers. Is there another way?

The workshop is incredibly respectful of your privacy. You will not be asked to reveal anything about your relationship issues in front of the group. The work you do on your issues will be conducted in the privacy of the two of you working together as a pair.

2. My partner doesnt think any of our problems relate back to his childhood. Can we still benefit from the workshop?

Absolutely. The connections between our current frustrations and childhood hurts is not clear to many people. Whether or not we believe it consciously, our unconscious mind definitely connects the two. Imago tools will work when used consistently, with or without a belief in the link between adult relationship issues and childhood hurts.

3. We have waited so long to seek help with our problems. We are already talking about a separation. Is it too late for us?

Its never too late to learn what the real causes of your problems are. Its never too late to learn who this person really is youve been living with and who you are. You will learn so much in the workshop that relieves the shame of having a difficult relationship. Whether you ultimately decide to stay together to use your new tools to heal and grow or go your separate ways, what you learn in one weekend will forever alter the way you view your relationships. And if you are parents, the skills you learn in the workshop will likely prove to be the greatest gift you ever give your children, whether or not you decide to continue your marriage.

4. What does IMAGO mean?

Imago is the Latin word for image. Each of us carries a composite image of the best and worst traits of our primary caregivers from childhood deep in our unconscious mind. Its a blueprint of people who love us and has great significance in our choice of a committed partner.

5. We are newlyweds in second marriages for both of us. Wed like to avoid the mistakes of the past. Were still getting along really well. Do we need to wait until things go wrong before coming to the workshop?

Couples at all stages of relationship find tremendous healing in learning that conflict and frustration are predictable and even necessary aspects of a committed partnership. Learning essential relational tools to transform power struggles into personal growth and increased intimacy early in your relationship is something most of us wish wed been smart enough to do.

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